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Relay Progress (or lack there of)

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    I just wanted to thank Sean, Miranda, Melanie, Holly, Dee ah Chur, Maggie, Ben, and Tim for registering on time for Relay. If your name wasn't mentioned, but you registered for relay, then you need to tell me as soon as possible so I can fix the problem. If you have not signed up for Relay PLEASE SIGN-UP NOW. Also I need to know how many of you have paid your registration fees -- remember that money you raise can be counted toward your registration.

Relay meeting this Monday (26th), please be prompt. Have your lines memorized by the return from spring break. If you still need scripts come by my house.

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On March 23rd, 2007 12:27 am (UTC), menrandes commented:
Molly Molly, what time on Monday is the meeting?
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